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It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny. ― Anthony Robbins

Most of us sometimes don’t know the effect of making decisions. Often times, we go through life oblivious to what thoughts we are thinking and what actions we are taking. Every single decision we make in our days shapes our current reality. It shapes who we are as a person because we habitually follow through with the decisions we make without even realizing it.


If we are unhappy with the results of our decision, lets make an effort to change it. Lets create the person we want to be and the life we want to have in the future.


Often times, we take too much time to make a decision because we’re afraid of what’s going to happen. As a result we need to plan, consult, deep analysis, pros and cons etc…


This is good, but it takes a lot of time and effort, Instead trust your gut. Guts will take you anyware =)

If we make a decision, lets put it into action and let’s commit to our self that no matter what happens, our decision will determine the future.

If we want to make real changes in life, we have to make it a habit to apply action with our decision until it’s completed. By going through this so many times, you will feel more confident with accomplishing the next decision that you have in mind. Let’s learn from our past decisions(this is what we call unforgettable experience).

Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn from our decisions. This is a part of our everyday life. If I woke up in the morning, I have to decide what to wear, eat, etc…

“Learn from your mistakes, enjoy your achievements, be the real you, move forward and not backwards, smile just because you want too and most of all enjoy life. Because its your’s; your choices, your decisions made, your actions, your responsibility is what will determine the direction of your life in the end. No one else’s choices determine the outcome of your life but your’s.”

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Happy Birthday Ms. Michi

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
You really inspired a lot of people.
You really deserved all the blessings.
You are a true inspiration.
You are a true LEADER! You gave hope to everyone.
You Lead by example.


“The successful leader must plan his work and work his plan.” – Napoleon Hill

God Bless and More Blessings

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